Kia Ora,

My name is Lance Lee. I am 41years old, and at the age of 36 I survived a right side CVA. (Right side stroke)

In March 2008 I had my first treatment on one of Oasis Body Therapy's Far Infrared tables. At first the treatment was an unusual sensation-particularly on my affected arm and leg, but the sensation became strangely normal quite quickly, then very very nice and relaxing.

Nearing completion of the 40 minute session, I started to feel a tingling sensation in my toes and fingers of my left hand, something I had not experienced in 5 years!!

I sincerely thank Peter and Andrew at Oasis for allowing me the opportunity to experience a lost sensation. I am encorouraged by these gains, and excited about future treatments!!!

Kia ora Kotou Katoa

In a busy day, I find this 40 minute massage rejuvenating, relaxing and highly motivating.

Antony-Trauma Specialist

I have been going to Oasis for regular weekly treatments over the past four months. I can honestly say it is the best massage I have ever had (even without hands).

I have so much more energy, feel more chilled out and have even lost a bit of weight. I look forward to going for my regular treatments not only because of its health benefits but 40 minutes of total relaxation is pretty hard to find these days at a reasonable and an affordable cost. Thanks Andrew.


My first 40 minute treatment on a Far Infrared massage table made me into a convert!.

I lay on the thermal massage table fully clothed; pulsating waves then travelled up and down my back. It was a good firm massage, but I was amazed to find that soon I had fallen asleep on the table!

At the end of the session I felt wonderful but extremely hungry. I assume the massage had invigorated my digestive system.

I also felt very energised and that night went to bed 2 hours past my normal bedtime and I arose very clear headed 1 hour before my usual time the next day.

I train hard at my gym and have made this a permanent part of my training and body maintenance routine.

Tony Barry

After my first go on one of these beds I felt amazing. I've been on massage beds before but these are the best I've ever experienced.
Sarah - Mt Eden

I originally just went along out of curiosity but after my first treatment I bought a concession card! It's a really good massage, and SUCH great value!

Angela - Ponsonby

Wow. Wow. Wow. After my first session I felt incredible. All of the stresses of my day just disappeared.

Steve - Remuera

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