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Arapal Medical helps to stimulates the blood flow around the body's circulatory system. Sometimes our bodies, (through no fault of our own), fail us. The Arapal Medical Equipment can help alleviate a number of painful conditions which may allow us to rekindle our passion for living.

A Few Examples of the Benefits of Vibrational Therapy:

Inactivity leads to muscle deterioration, muscle weakness and poor circulation, which makes it increasingly difficult to take up any activity that may improve this condition. Vibration therapy can help you rebuild healthy and strong muscle tissue without the need for strenuous or painful exercise.

Additionally, endorphins are released into the blood stream promoting a sense of well being.

Vibration therapy takes much less time (15-30 minutes a day-more for acute conditions) and does not overtax the muscles. It is also a great additional / alternative warm up and warm down. Another benefit is that it also helps wash out lactic acid.

Vibrational Therapy Is Great For People with:

* Emphysema
* Osteoporosis
* Arthritis & Rheumatism
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Back, Neck, Arm, Leg, Foot, Hand, Knee, Hip, Joint Pain
* Spinal Injury
* Work Related Injuries
* Sciatica
* Frozen Shoulder
* Stroke Damage
* Parkinsons Disease
* Gout
* Sports Related Injuries
and More. . .

ARAPAL Portable Health Unit

Click here to see a demonstration of the ARAPAL Portable Health Unit

Arapal drains the lymphatic System and Increases Circulation:

The positive effects of vibration therapy on lymph drainage and blood circulation are; it strengthens collagen, detoxifies the body and helps release substances such as HGH (human growth hormone) , which helps in the fight against cellulite.

Arapal Vibration Therapy Builds Bone Density:

Osteoporosis is a disease in which - over time, bones become fragile and more likely to break. If not prevented or if left untreated, osteoporosis can progress unnoticed until a bone fractures or breaks. Scientific research done in Russia & by NASA and countless other scientific organizations has proven without doubt that bone density can increase significantly using vibration to stimulate blood flow.

Pain Control:

Due to increased blood circulation and the extra stimulation of the nerves, pain is diminished.
The decrease in muscle tension during therapy usually leads to a reduction of residual tension, which also reduces pain.

For Seniors and people with debilitating conditions:

After the age of 40, most adults lose a quarter to a third of a pound of muscle a year and gain that much in body fat. For many seniors and people with debilitating conditions - weight bearing exercise, aerobics, running and other high impact exercise & therapy methods simply are not an option.

Vibration therapy is a non strenuous and non-invasive treatment. Vibration therapy is a simple solution to preventing age related muscle loss. Not only does it improve muscle strength, but it also increases flexibility and range of motion, while enhancing critical blood flow throughout the body, expediting the recovery and regeneration of damaged tissue, and ultimately enhancing your general wellness and quality of life.

Arapal (R) does not cure any physical problem - it simply helps your body to heal itself.

At Oasis we provide therapist managed sessions with the ARAPAL Health set, and we also have them available for sale. Please e-mail us with your interest, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Arapal (R) Health Set is PROVEN through research at Otago University (results have been published in a European Medical Journal) to increase blood flow and circulation on an average of 72% Arapal (R) uses 3 combined specific frequencies of vibration creating a waveform that relaxes muscles, improves blood flow and increases lymphatic function. Do not confuse this with a massage set, as this is MEDSAFE approved medical equipment - not a toy, and it is used on babies, seniors, athletes, people and even animals that suffer all types of body pain.

Included in Each Health Set is:

1 x Thermo Back Pad
(heated, & you can have a choice of colours & material-vinyl or velour)
1 x Hand Unit
1 x Foam Block
1 x Joint, Bone, Face massaging cup
1 x Scalp Massaging Comb
1 x Power Pack electrical cords to mains supply
1 x Instruction Book
* 1-3 year Warranty

ARAPAL Portable Health Unit ARAPAL Massage Chair ARAPAL Vibration Therapy Adjustable Bed
The ARAPAL Portable Health Unit The ARAPAL Massage Chair The ARAPAL Adjustable Bed